About Us

Since 1959, Saunders has been proudly serving our customers with an exceptional level of personalized customer care that just can’t be beat. We specialize in providing our customers with solutions that are tailored to each and every of their specific needs. Thanks to our innovative and diversified manufacturing team, we are able to provide die-cutting, laminating, slitting, packaging, assembly, and other manufacturing solutions to our customers at highly competitive industry rates. 

We understand that the needs of our customers are constantly evolving. As demands from our customers grew, we knew we needed to evolve ourselves. So, we partnered with R.S. Hughes which has enabled us to better serve each and every one of our customers. Thanks to this partnership, we are able to provide our customers with more options for custom-cut materials, furthering our solution finding capabilities. 

We take pride in knowing that our customers can expect a high level of personalized care, distinct levels of service, and attention to detail. We welcome the opportunity to work with you, and show you just why our customers choose Saunders time and time again for their converting needs.

Saunders Factory Tour

Our Values

Personalized Care

We believe that every customer should get unmatched personalized care. No two customers needs are the same. That's why we believe in creating custom tailored solutions that fit each and every customer's needs.

In-stock Options

The purchasing and warehousing power of Saunders, in conjunction with R.S. Hughes, ensures that we can keep a vast, steady stock of materials ready for conversion at all times. This ensures that we can meet the tightest of timelines and ensure on-time delivery every time.

Customer Driven

At Saunders, we strive to provide the exact solutions our customers are looking for. That's why Saunders is constantly taking in client feedback and applying it to our process. Our customers won't settle for "good enough", and neither will we.

In-house Made

We are personally committed to delivering the very best. Our team of individuals are dedicated to the success of our customers and their solutions. Our in-house capabilities ensure that we have the technology and knowhow to tackle any challenge we may face.

Our Commitment


As a company that has been around for over 60+ years, we have built an strong reputation by putting our clients first, and delivering high-quality, custom fit solutions.


Our proven process for product converting allows us to convert a high quantity of materials without sacrificing quality. We ensure every single product that goes to our customers is of the highest quality.


The success of our customers is what drives us to constantly improve. We design and develop your solutions so you can focus on growing your business, and serving your customers.

How we do it

Step 1: Inform

Provide us with some basic details about both you and your project. From there, we'll do the research necessary to find you the best solution that fits your needs.

Step 2: Consult

Once we believe we've found the perfect solution, our team will reach out to you to get a deeper understanding of your project. We want to ensure the solution we provide is going to last, which means working hand-in-hand with you throughout the entire process.

Step 3: Produce

Once a design has been agreed upon, that's when we get to work. Using the highest quality of materials and state-of-the-art cutting technology, we create your custom fit solution, and ensure that it rises to the toughest of challenges.

Step 4: Deliver

We will work tirelessly to make sure your product is delivered on time, and at the quality you've come to expect from Saunders. We will not rest until we've provided you with the best solution available.