What does it mean to be a 3M Preferred Converter?

Being a 3M Preferred Converter means that 3M has a put their trust in us to provide a a level of converting related problem solving that stands unmatched. However, being a 3M preferred converter is about much more than just solving problems; it means that our products and services are held to the highest level of performance and customer satisfaction.

3M trusts us to convert their products because we have the knowledge and experience to solve the toughest of customer challenges. We have earned our 3M Preferred Converter status thanks to our 60+ years of experience, and our ability to provide high level solutions to difficult problems. We pride ourselves on our extensive converting knowledge; making use of our high-end products to solve challenges in every possible industry. We do our best to pass that knowledge on to our customers, applying everything we know towards finding the solutions that will last.

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What does it take to become a 3M Preferred Converter?

High Standards

When 3M selects a Preferred Converter, they aren't just looking for quantity, they're looking for quality. Saunders has proved time and time again that it maintains a high level of standards with its products, while also maintaining a strong output.

Reliable Results

A product converter must always be able to deliver products reliably. That includes maintaining consistent results in quality, service, pricing, and every other aspect of a customer's experience. This is the foundation of every 3M Preferred Converter.

Diverse Capabilities

3M leads the market in adhesive, tapes and more and they demand that their preferred converters keep up with the latest technology and trends. Saunders is always looking for ways to improve our processes, personnel, and technology to ensure that we have the tools to tackle any type and size of job.

Market Expertise

Only through an extensive track record of success and maintaining a positive working relationship with customers can an organization gain the trust and respect necessary to represent 3M. Saunders has stood the test of time with our knowledge and experience that puts us at the forefront of the market.

On-Time Deliveries

Putting customers first is an essential part of being a 3M Preferred Converter. This means the organization must maintain a cooperative, positive, and problem-solving relationships with both customers and business partners. The organization must also do everything it can to ensure that products are delivered on-time and ready to use.

Exceptional Customer Service

The most important requirement to become a 3M preferred converter is to maintain prompt customer responses and to stick with any project until the customer is satisfied. We pride ourselves on being a resource for our customers and take great care to ensure they receive a solution that lasts.

Being deemed a 3M Preferred Converter Status is much more than a certification, it is a badge of honor that we wear with pride.

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