According to Ukrainian media reports, on July 13 local time, a large ceramic tile factory located in slavyansk City, Donetsk state, Ukraine, was suddenly attacked by a Russian bomb, and immediately a fire broke out, leaving the whole factory in ruins and the factory in ruins.            It is confirmed that this is the tile factory of Zeus ceramica, a well-known tile manufacturer in Ukraine.            

It is understood that zeusceramica, founded in 2003, is a joint venture between emilceramica spa, an Italian ceramic tile manufacturer, and yuzhno oktiabrskie gliny Yug, a Ukrainian clay and kaolin supplier (the main raw material for producing ceramic tiles). It is one of the largest high-quality ceramic tile manufacturers in Ukraine.            

Zeusceramica's ceramic tile factory in slavyansk, Ukraine, uses new equipment from leading Italian manufacturers in the production process, and the entire manufacturing process, as well as the further development of new products and project expansion, are under the control of Italian partners.            

At present, 30% of zeusceramica's products are sold to international markets such as the United States, Europe and Canada, and long-term commercial customers include Toyota and Chevrolet.            Afterwards, relevant Ukrainian officials said on social media: "fortunately, there were no casualties, but serious property losses were caused. The destruction of such factories has caused a serious blow to the economy of the region."


Post time: Jul-21-2022