According to the regulations of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, starting from September 14, the “cement and mortar pasting process of facing tiles” will be completely banned, and will be replaced by tile adhesive pasting, wet thin pasting, dry hanging of large-sized slabs and sintered stone etc

With the introduction of this new policy, the biggest change is to replace the cement mortar with tile adhesive,which result in a revolutionary change in the way of tile pasting, thus promoting the vigorous development of tile adhesive and other pasting auxiliary materials.

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Pasting with tile adhesive, including wet thin pasting, have been explored in the industry for many years, and a number of leading tile adhesive enterprises have been cultivated, including JCDecaux, Oriental Yuhong, Henkel Baide, Nippon, etc., and this construction technology has also been recognized by the market. 

Among the ceramic enterprises, Mona Lisa, Dongpeng, Xinmingzhu,etc. have launched their own ceramic tile auxiliary materials, especially with the market share of large ceramic slabs and sintered stone increasing year by year, many enterprises have begun to transform to overall delivery. That is manufacturers no longer simply sell slab but also provide customers with the final overall space and application scenarios. With the implementation of the new policy and the overall delivery being increasingly valued by ceramic manufacturers, the sales of tile adhesives have also begun to rise sharply.

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At the same time, a group of companies specializing in the pasting process of large slabs and sintered stone, are also born one after another, and become the promoters and leaders of new technologies, new construction methods and new material.

The biggest advantage of big slab companies launching auxiliary materials such as tile adhesive is that it can improve the matching degree between various products, application scenarios and auxiliary materials, thus completely solving the problem of hollowing and falling off of large slabs and sintered stone.

In the future, more and more manufacturers will be involved in the overall delivery of large slabs and sintered stone, thereby promoting the rapid growth of the tile adhesive market.

Post time: Sep-16-2022