As the main grinding equipment for processing ceramic blank and glaze, ceramic ball mill has the main characteristics of ease of use, durability, safety and so on. Ceramic ball mill has high grinding efficiency, relatively low energy consumption, and can grind the material particle size that traditional ball mills cannot reach, so it is always active in the market.

In addition to ceramic industry, ceramic ball mill can also be used for what industry, can be used for processing what materials?

Ceramic ball mill can be used for material grinding, mixing, stirring

As a grinding equipment, ceramic ball mill can not only be used for grinding and processing of materials, but also for mixing and stirring of materials.


Ceramic ball mill is popular in non – metal milling industry

The ceramic ball mill is one of the many ball mills. The obvious difference between it and the general ball mill is that its lining plate and medium ball are made of ceramic material.

Ceramic ball mill can easily grind more than 200 kinds of materials

Ceramic ball mill can not only be used for grinding potassium feldspar, albite, clay, quartz and other ceramic raw materials, but also for grinding limestone, barite, calcite, talc, fluorite, activated carbon, bentonite, kaolin, gypsum, wolverite, calcium carbonate and other materials, can be grinding up to 200 kinds of materials, dry grinding can also be wet grinding, The fineness of the finished product can be adjusted between 80 mesh and 325 mesh. Compared with the traditional grinding equipment, the ceramic ball mill has a wide range of applications, and a variety of materials can be mixed grinding to achieve good results.


The characteristics of ceramic ball mill such as good performance, high efficiency and easy operation are well known. Compared with the traditional grinding equipment, it also has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection that the traditional grinding equipment does not have. For example, the automatic decompression start of the electric depression machine of ceramic ball mill can reduce the starting current and reduce the power load. For long-term production, the cost reduction effect is relatively significant, and the equipment stability, safety is high, low failure rate, repair and maintenance operations less, can be said to save energy and cost to details.

Post time: Nov-17-2022