Since 2020, the development of sintered stone in China has entered an explosive and blowout development stage. The production line has surged from more than 10 at the end of 2019 to more than 100. This year is also called China’s “sintered stone era”. So, in 2022, where will the development of sintered stone go? In 2022, sintered stone will show obvious new trends in the industry in terms of size and thickness, color texture, surface texture, practical functions and design applications.

1. The mainstream specifications of sintered stone are diverse.

As the function of sintered stone becomes more and more mature, the conventional large sintered stone on the market is no longer enough to meet the application of home products. Common application scenarios of sintered stone, such as cabinets, kitchen countertops, island counters, and bar counters, face complex cutting problems. As a result, a variety of small-sized sintered stones came into being. This type of sintered stone specification is specially designed for furniture cabinet doors, countertops and other application scenarios, and can be directly applied to reduce cutting and avoid excess material generation. In addition, for the opposite wall sintered stone, consumers prefer the large size of “one piece to the top”. The large-scale products of wall sintered stone are diversified, one piece reaches the top, and there is no need to cut the upper wall. There are fewer seams in the actual paving, which greatly reduces the splicing marks and greatly improves the decorative effect.

New trends of sintered stone1

2. The performance of color and texture is becoming more and more abundant.

The color of the sintered stone is further upgraded on the basis of the traditional black, white and gray, showing a bolder color expression, adding many bright and bright colors, breaking the inherent impression of the sintered stone black, white and gray. In addition to the traditional stone texture, wood grain, cloth grain, leather grain, metal rust grain, jade grain, etc. are also applied on the surface of sintered stone, which further enriches the consumption choices.

3. The texture of the sintered stone is full of flowers.

In 2022, the sintered stone will make full use of dry grain full throw, dry grain half throw, metal dry grain, digital mold, digital fine carving and other processes, and superimpose it on the sintered stone to create tactile sintered stone with different textures and textures. , which is hugely popular in the consumer market.

4. Functional sintered stone is emerging.

Functional sintered stone is also an important direction for the differentiated development of sintered stone, such as heating sintered stone, curved sintered stone, translucent sintered stone, antibacterial sintered stone and other characteristic functional sintered stones, which have greatly promoted the innovation and development of the industry.

New trends of sintered stone2

5. Super wear-resistant has become the main demand trend of sintered stone consumption.

With the trend of sintered stone in terms of size, color, surface, function, etc., it can be seen that consumers’ demand for sintered stone is more and more practical and beautiful. However, in the process of using the sintered stone, it is often easily rubbed by hard objects, which makes the surface of the sintered stone easily scratched. Beautiful, invisibly lowers the grade, so a keyword is constantly heating up – “super wear-resistant”. According to the ceramic tile industry survey, consumers’ demand for ultra-abrasive ceramic tiles has soared. In 2022, the development of sintered stone will put more emphasis on wear resistance, and ultra-abrasive sintered stone will become the mainstream of the industry.

Post time: Sep-24-2022