1.750 x 1500 mm into the mainstream ,

Gradually development to the big size

Since 2022, the 750×1500mm ceramic tile production line has soared, and the output has risen sharply. “Ceramic Information” newspaper statistics show that at present, the country has more than 250 production lines to produce 750×1500mm ceramic tiles, the daily capacity has exceeded 5 million square meters. Among them, it is conservatively estimated that there are no less than 150 750×1500mm ceramic tile production lines in Guangdong production area. Shandong, Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangxi and other production areas are all in mass production.

In addition, the popular specifications of ceramic products in the construction industry have a trend of “big” development. Not only 750×1500,900×1800mm specifications of products, 800×2600mm,900× 2700mm, 1200×2400mm specifications of ceramic rock plate also gradually recognized by the market.


2. “Middle plate” instead of “tile”

Modern antique bricks have strong vitality

The medium plate generally refers to porcelain tiles with a thickness between 7.0-8.0mm. The specification is mainly 400×800mm, and the water absorption rate is within 3%. Statistics show that there are now more than 180 production lines for medium plates in China, while the number of porcelain production lines has dropped from the peak of 800 to 250, and the normal production in the first half of the year was less than 100.

After entering 2022, ceramic tile brands more mainly promote modern antique brick categories such as “plain brick” and “texture brick”. The domestic market for modern antique bricks continues to expand

3. The thickness of ceramic tiles is reduced

Energy conservation, emission reduction and green development

At present, the thinning trend of ceramic tiles is most obvious in products such as rock plate, thin plate and medium plate. The thickness of traditional 800×800mm floor tiles on the market has been reduced from 13mm at the beginning to about 9mm now. Mainstream 600×1200mm, 750mm×1500mm, 900mm×1800mm and other specifications of ceramic tiles are also kept around 9mm, 400×800mm below the specification of medium plate and porcelain tiles are generally 7-8mm.


4. Ceramic tile surface technology diversification

Pay attention to texture

At present, the ceramic tile brand will use a variety of glaze in production, surface process, make all kinds of texture surface, make administrative levels more rich, and reduce the light of the traditional surface design, change to soft light, matte, Surface texture selection of light color, simple pattern design layout, pay attention to color, light sense, technology and other details.

5. The style changes from “luxury” to “plain”

Personalization becomes the core of product design

Before 2019, home decoration style was mainly dominated by “luxury”. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, people have begun to spend more time at home and are more willing to return to the essence of life, enjoy the spiritual pleasure brought by the aesthetics of materials and design, abandon the “luxury” style and prefer simple, elegant and simple style.

Post time: Sep-13-2022