• Continuous ball mill

    Continuous ball mill

    Ball mill is essential equipment used for crushing and grinding raw material.It is widely used in ceramic,cement,glass,fertilizer,mine industry etc.Wet and dry grinding of minerals and other material is applicable.

    Continuous ball mill is the new equipment based on traditional batch ball mill, it changes the original structure, it can increase the working efficiency and saving energy consumption, the processing capacity also will be increased. It is widely applied in ceramic raw materials, new building materials, refractory materials and non-metallic materials grinding processing

  • Titanium Dioxide

    Titanium Dioxide

    Titanium dioxide is an important inorganic chemical pigment, especially in coatings, printing ink, paper, plastic and rubber, chemical fiber, ceramics and other industries have important applications.
    According to crystalline morphology, it can be divided into Anatase type and Rutile type.
    Anatase type titanium dioxide whiteness is good, but the tinting power is only 70% of the rutile type. In terms of weatherability: adding anatase type titanium dioxide test piece began to crack or flake off after only one year, and adding rutile type titanium dioxide test piece, after ten years, its appearance has only a small change. Because of the good coloration and weatherability of rutile TiO2, it is better to use rutile TiO2 for plastic coloration.

  • Batch ball mill

    Batch ball mill

    Ball mill is essential equipment used for crushing and grinding raw material.It is widely used in ceramic,cement,glass,fertilizer,mine industry etc.Wet and dry grinding of minerals and other material is applicable.



    Glazing brightener (clay body can also be used), China is mostly used to replace part of zirconium silicate or zirconium flour to produce zircnium opaque frit.

  • Barium mineral powder

    Barium mineral powder

    Barium mineral powder is mainly used to replace barium carbonate in Chinese factories to produce ceramic frits, archaize glazes and sanitary ware (with glazes), which can improve  color and gloss. And half the price of barium carbonate.

  • Calcined Kaolin Replacement

    Calcined Kaolin Replacement

    *Usually used with compound glaze for ceramic
    *The flow rate is better than ordinary calcined kaolin
    *High whiteness and high brightness
    *Both ceramic factories and galze companies can use it.
    *Technical data has been added at the attachment.

  • Mega High Temperature Ceramic Roller

    Mega High Temperature Ceramic Roller

    Mega high temperature ceramic roller, produced by whole set German technology and equipment, has excellent high temperature resistance, bending strength and thermal shock resistance etc. The rollers are widely used in roller kiln for various ceramic products. TECHNICAL DATA Code Unit MEGA-R75 MEGA-R80 MEGA-R85 Max Working Temp. ℃ 1280 1350 1400 Al2O3+ZrO2 Content % ≥76 81 85 Rate of Water Absorption % ≤9 ≤8.5 ≤7.5 Bending Strength Mpa ≥45 ≥51 ≥58 Thermal Shock Resistance / E...


    STANDARD SIZES OF ALUMINA LINING BRICK Size Length(mm) W1(mm) W2(mm) Height(mm) Straight Brick 150 50 50 40/50/60/70/77/90 Trapezoidal Brick 150 50 45 40/50/60/70/77/90 Semi-Straight Brick 75 50 50 40/50/60/70/77/90 Semi-Trapezoidal Brick 75 50 45 40/50/60/70/77/90 Flake Brick 150 25 22.5 40/50/60/70/77/90 ADVANTAGES OF ALUMINA LING BRICK 1)High density and small thickness can increase the loading volume and promote the production capacity. 2)...
  • Alumina ball

    Alumina ball

    APPLICATION The products are widely used in ceramic, paints, color, cement, coating, refractory material, pharmaceutical,chemical, mine industry etc. The advantages are super hardness, high density, low wear loss, regular shape and good corrosion-resistance etc. 1) Formed by ISO-STATIC pressing and Japanese rolling technology, high density and hardness which can promote the grinding efficiency, reduce the grinding time and increase the production capacity through increasing the available spa...


    Medium alumina ball, medium alumina ceramic ball is a new grinding medium developed by our company according to the characteristics of domestic ball mill. Compared with ordinary ceramic ball or beach stone, Chinalco ceramic ball has the characteristics of heavy ratio, high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, less wear and high ball milling efficiency; Compared with high aluminum ball, it has the characteristics of low starting current or running current and less one-time input. I...


    Compared with medium alumina ball, medium high aluminum ball higher hardness and density, which can  improve the stability of grinded materials. Lower wear loss which can save the grinding time, enlarge the smashing room. So it can improve the grinding efficiency.


    High alumina ceramic ball is a high performance alumina ceramic product produced by our company. The product adopts international advanced spray. Dry granulation, dry automatic isostatic press molding, high temperature kiln sintering manufacturing, and modern testing technology inspection It has high hardness, heavy ratio, high strength, good toughness and uniform internal structure. Therefore, the ball mill has high efficiency and small wear, which is especially suitable for ball mill in bui...
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